​Littlebuds Playgroup      

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Child Protection

Each child’s safety, wellbeing and development is of paramount importance. As a charity run organisation, committee members, staff and parents all have a responsibility to take action to safeguard the welfare of all children.  This policy has been created in line with the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 and the Inter-agency Child Protection Procedures Edinburgh and Lothians,

Getting It Right for Every Child and also the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

We operate in accordance with the Inter-agency Child Protection Procedures Edinburgh and Lothians. Confidential records – Edinburgh and Lothian Wellbeing Concern Form, kept on children about whom the Playgroup is concerned, will be shared with the Core Agency - Social Work Department, Health Visitor, or Police if the child protection officer feels that adequate explanations for changes in the child’s condition have not been provided.  When a concern/disclosure has been referred to a core agency, a notification will be sent to the Care Inspectorate.  If a concern on a child is to be made to the core agency, the child’s parents/carers do not need to be informed if there are suspicions that the parents/carers are implicated.  The East Lothian Council Child Protection Team can be contacted regarding a concern for a child – 01875824309