​Littlebuds Playgroup      

Care Service No. CS2017355272           


Observation and planning 

Staff at Little Buds observe the children in their play.  Staff watch each child to find out their preferred learning style, development stage and interests.  We use this information to plan activities to promote development of all skills based on their interests and a pace suited to them.  Please see the play information tab for more information on development.

The children each have an observation folder and these are kept on the table at the entrance door.  These can be viewed by children at all times.  Parents are more than welcome to share these with their child, either after the session or these can be taken home, please let staff know if you would like to take these home.

On the table we also have our planning folder.  This has paper copies of our weeks planning and also has photos of the children in their play.  Please feel free to take a look.